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" Commited to provide quality technical and vocational education "
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~ About Us ~

The Kenya Institute Of Technology is an accredited Technical and Vocational Institution founded with the sole purpose of equiping people with the best skills for the job market. We offer a wide range of courses from Computer studies and ICDL to Web Development and CCTV and CISCO security. Classes can be had from weekdays and weekends from 8AM to 6PM and also part time. Get Exams from recognized examination bodies such as KNEC, CISCO and ICDl. Our offices are located on the 2rd Floor of The Old Batian Building along Gakere road Nyeri.

Why Choose us

Our mission

To provide quality, flexible, affordable and recognized profession and academic programmes that lead to rewarding careers and organization development

Our Vision

To be a leading center of excellence in ICT, management and supervisory, research and and service sustainable development
We believe that caring comes from the heart and is extented to all whom we serve
service excellence
We go the extra mile to create memorable and pleasant experience for all
We simply want to be the best in everything we do
We value integrity and are sincere in all our dealings with others


~ What we offer~

We offer a wide varierty of courses ranging from project management to web development. Our courses are carefully curated and optimised to offer our students more in lesss time

Some of our courses

Introduction to computer basics and use of the Microsoft office suite. Skills needed in every industry today
Learn how to run and finish projects and business smoothly by learning project management
Programming. One of the fastest growing sectors in Information Technology
learn how to develop and maintain network with introduction and specialization in cisco
More courses