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School of ICT, Business and Engineering | Nyeri Campus


The Colleges is managed by a team of qualified and experienced personnel who combine practical Skills, Experience and strong Conceptual basis, it is composed of 3 management staffs, 5 fulltime workers and 4 part time lecturers who will been well interviewed and appointed by the management team. The day to day running of the College will be done by a Central Management comprising the following

1) Managing Director

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Plan: planning the operation and function of the area over which the manager is assigned responsibility in a way that accomplishes the goals for the college
  • Organize and Implement: organizing the production of the work, and the workforce, training, and resources necessary, in a way that accomplishes the desired and required outcomes to meet the goals especially the Student Performance.
  • Direct: providing the employees and their resources with enough guidance, direction, leadership, and support necessary to ensure that they are able to accomplish their goals.
  • Monitor: following up to ensure that the plan to achieve the goals is being carried out in such a way that its accomplishment is assured.
  • Evaluate: reviewing and assessing the success of the goal, the plan, and the allocation of the employees and their resources.
  • Performing other responsibilities as assigned by the college Directors.

2) Director of Studies

The Director of Studies office is an administrative office which oversees the functions of all the academic departments within the College. it also implements the admission policy ensuring that response is given to applications made. Our admission months are January, May and September for certificate, craft and diploma courses and open for short courses. It cherishes the following values in line with the goal, Vision and mission of The Kenya Institute Of Information and Technology. These includes: Professionalism, ethics, integrity, transparency, accountability and teamwork.

The specific duties and responsibilities undertaken by this office include:

  • Admission of students
  • Filling and keeping of students records
  • Co-Ordination of internal and external examinations in liaison with the Exams office.
  • Safe custody and issuance of certificates and result slips.

3) Operations Manager

Operations manager office involves overseeing and having responsibility for all the activities in the College which contribute to the effective production of goods and services. The specific duties and responsibilities undertaken by this office include:

a. Understanding strategic objectives: Operations managers must clearly understand the goals of the College and develop a clear vision of exactly how operations will help achieve them. This also involves translating these goals into implications for the operations performance, objectives, quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost.

b. Developing an operations strategy: Due to the numerous decision-making involved with operations, it is critical that operations managers have a set of guidelines that are align with the College long term goals.

c. Designing the operations products, services and processes: Design involves determining the physical form, shape and composition of products, services and processes.

d. Planning and controlling: This involves deciding what the operations resources should be doing and making sure that it is getting done.

e. Improving the performance of operation: Operations managers is expected to continually monitor and improve the overall performance of College operation.

4) Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of Students is mainly charged in dealing with matters pertaining to students’ welfare. It forms a link between the students and the Administration.

The main functions and responsibilities undertaken by the deans office includes:

  • Organize proper utilization of all students recreational facilities.
  • oversee organization of student’s recreational facilities.
  • Overseeing the organization of the students’ government, clubs, societies and games
  • Arranging regular consultative information orientation meetings with the students council, HoDs and the Directors
  • Approving students leaves of absence
  • Keeping records and correspondences on students issues and welfare
  • Organizing proper utilization of recreational facilities in liaison with the games master
  • Facilitating preparation of institute leaving certificates and certificates of merit .
  • The deans office works in consultation with the student council on matters concerning the student’s welfare, recreation and everything that concerns the students.


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